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To represent the uncertainty in physical relations among the primitives, the production rules of a formal grammar are fuzzified to account for the fuzziness in relation among the primitives, thereby increasing the generative power of a grammar. Such a grammar is called fuzzy grammar (100–102). It has been observed (98) that the incorporation of the element of fuzziness in defining “sharp,” “fair,” and “gentle” curves in the grammars enables one to work with a much smaller number of primitives. By introducing fuzziness in the physical relations among the primitives, it was also possible to use the same set of production rules and nonterminals at each stage, which is expected to reduce, to some extent, the time required for parsing in the sense that parsing needs to be done only once at each stage, unlike the case of the non-fuzzy approach, where each string has to be parsed more than once, in general, at each stage.

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