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And A BOOK OF ANGELS io His coming it is abundantly clear that no other than the Lord Himself draws near. in As Abraham aware is door sitting at his tent l he is men who stand by him and, by and the three employs the language and of three ; by, one of assumes the authority of a Being greater than the angels by whom He is attended, even of the Lord for whom nothing in love too low. is too hard and no self-abasement As Lord own He He of all life that Sarah shall have a son promises and, anticipating His sublime treatment of His Apostles as friends, ; does not hide His counsel from Abraham His As a Person with a person He is entreated by His creature as the Judge of all the earth, who will do right, but who is willing that mercy should friend.

They would look for His coming as for the rising of a Sun of ! 1 Acts vii. 30-33, 38. THE ANGEL OF THE PRESENCE 9 Righteousness, and for His healing with gracious fostering beams the sad and drooping life of Israel. they did His coming could only be a joy to such as would offer themselves to be purified ; from sin. Who shall stand Not those who would when He appeareth ? on some sign from insist heaven, such as a visible escort of ten thousands the Messenger of the Covenant indeed be might Captain of the armies of Heaven, and twelve legions of them could be had for the of angels, albeit On the contrary the Lord would come to asking.

In using the term ; * Son of Man in connection with that promise a term which always implies our Lord s human rela tion to His elect He includes His elect of all times with Himself, as being thus destined to be more nearly related to the angel host, more specially objects of a fresh development of their care and love. And certainly a very marked difference is to be discerned between the angelic ministrations of the older time and those of the new dispensation. During the older time the action of angels, as re vealed to us, was on a large scale, affecting the concerns of nations and kingdoms, and of families only inasmuch as the elect race was confined to a family, the patriarchal line through which the Messiah was to come.

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