A Grammar of Yankunytjatjara by Cliff Goddard PDF

By Cliff Goddard

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ISBN-13: 9780949659323

Initially a Ph.D. thesis. This reprint publishes the thesis pages in step with actual web page facet.

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Spatial qualifiers - These express position (eg katu 'above', tjaru 'below'), direction (eg --. wilurara 'west', ulparira. 1). Spatial qualifier. orphosyntactically different from time qualifiers and particles in that: (i) They may occur in ablative, allative and sometimes purposive cases. (ii) They may occur in combination vitb a preceding word, usually in locative case, specifying the reference point with. respect to which position, direction or location is being expressed. 1). 4). ti~e' (Dixon 1980 : 282) They may occur in ablative or purposive case (eg iriti-nguru 'since/from a long time ago', ngula-ku 'for later') but are otherwise invariable in form • .

Despite the obvious dangers, I summarise below the main differences between the Yankunytjatja~a speech of my main consultants_and Pitjantjatjara, as spoken at Mimili. Pitja~tjatjara spoken further to the west probably differs more extensively than this summary suggests. (1) There are a number of 'accent' differences including the following: (i) Pitjantjatjara speech has a more 'staccato' delivery. 2:4). (iii) The Yankunytjatjara pronunciation of the lamino- dentals is accompanied by a more noticeable alveo-palatal friction.

Ulation came from organising and participating in tWQ (so-called) Advanced Pitjantjatjara intensive language courses at the Institute for Aboriginal Development in Alice Springs. Like the other participants I learnt a good deal from the concentrated efforts of talented crachers like Unanti Burton from Anamarapiti, and Nyangu and Pantjiti, now of Alice Springs. ern Desert c011111unities. dialects of the Western Desert Language, though not of Yankunytjatjara as such. The phoneme inventory and basic morphology of the neighbouring dialect Pitjantjatjara had been described by the missionary linguist Trudinger 1943, and a practical orthography for literacy has been 1n use since the forties.

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