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By George Hangay

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Winner of the 2010 Whitley Medal

A consultant to the Beetles of Australia is an engaging advent to this massive and numerous workforce of bugs – the Coleoptera. Beetles make up forty% of all bugs. The variety of recognized beetle species on the earth – greater than 350,000 – is greater than six occasions the variety of all vertebrate species.

New beetle species are being chanced on for all time. Of the 30,000 species which can ensue in Australia, purely 20,000 were scientifically defined. those comprise round 6,000 weevils (Curculionidae), 3,000 scarabs, dung beetles and chafers (Scarabaeidae) and 3,000 leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae).

A consultant to the Beetles of Australia highlights the large range of this distinctive insect Order. It emphasizes the environmental function of beetles, their relationships with different vegetation and animals and their value to humans.

Key features
• Treats all major households of Australian beetles
• offers an advent to beetle biology
• Copiously illustrated with top of the range images

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Determination, even at the family level is quite difficult, mainly because of the lack of up-to-date literature, which would provide an overview Superfamily Cleroidea The beetles in this superfamily are small to medium-sized. In the past, the Cleroidea in Australia included only the families Trogossitidae and Cleridae. However, the families Phycosecidae (formerly in the Cucujoidea), Melyridae (formerly in the Cantharoidea) and Acanthocnemidae have now been assigned to this superfamily. ) Superfamily Cucujoidea The beetle families in this superfamily are so diverse in appearance that it is rather difficult to summarise their common characteristics by which the non-specialist could recognise them as cucujoids.

They are also good flyers and sometimes are attracted to lights at night. Their larvae are predaceous, fully aquatic and absorb oxygen from the water through their skin and gilllike organs. The final instar leaves the water to pupate on dry land, near the water’s edge.

Plants have developed all manners of defences – mainly chemical ones and not always successful ones – against such attacks. Animals, being mobile, can run away when threatened or dig their heels in and put up a fight if necessary. Many beetles are armed with formidable mandibles, spiky legs and sharp-edged pronotums with which they can bite, pinch, stab and cut if necessary. Fighting back or fleeing are very effective, instinctive anti-predator responses, but they are not quite ‘cost-effective’. The energy spent on fighting, jumping, running, 34 swimming or flying from danger is costly – to replenish reserves after such episodes requires extra resources, such as food and water.

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