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By Shahn Majid

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Here's a self-contained creation to quantum teams as algebraic gadgets. in line with the author's lecture notes for the half III natural arithmetic direction at Cambridge collage, the ebook is appropriate as a major textual content for graduate classes in quantum teams or supplementary interpreting for contemporary classes in complicated algebra. the cloth assumes wisdom of simple and linear algebra. a few familiarity with semisimple Lie algebras could even be worthwhile. the quantity is a primer for mathematicians however it may also be worthy for mathematical physicists.

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B is an algebra. 2. 0: A - A ®B is an algebra map. This is like a right comodule algebra but we only require B to be an algebra and hence do not require the comodule property itself. Morphisms between comeasurings are, by definition, maps between their underlying algebras connecting the corresponding /3. e. a comeasuring such that for any other comeasuring (B,,3), there exists a unique algebra map it : M(A) -> B such that /3 = (id (9 ir) o /3u. Like all universal objects, if it exists it is unique up to unique isomorphism.

We put this into the explicit formulae for Ml (A); four of the eight relations are redundant while the remainder come out as shown. For example c110t10 = E Cabltaltbl = toltll + tlltol, a,b which is the relation -c = bd + db. We then set a = 1 and c = 0 to obtain M(A). Note that Ml (A) here has another interesting quotient, namely by the relations c = -b and d = a. This is k(a, b) modulo the relations ab+ba=b, a2-b2=a and the coalgebra Aa=a®a-b®b, Ab=bOa+a®b, e(a)=1, e(b)=0. 28 4 Automorphism quantum groups This is called the `trigonometric bialgebra' due to the similarity here with the addition rule cos(x + y) = cos(x) cos(y) - sin(x) sin(y), sin(x + y) = sin(x) cos(y) + cos(x) sin(y) for cos and sin.

Then Q = egg2q ')gF 0 Eg ' Qgegq 2q ')E ® F a,b aaab(gF)aQgI')Eb ®(Eg-')aQg0')Fb, where Qg = R2g and the aa are the coefficients from eq-2. A basis of uq(sl2) is provided either by expressions of the form {(Eg-1)ag°Fb} or by expressions of the form {(gF)agcEb}. e. iff Cg2Z/n is factorisable. This is the case when n is odd and n > 1 as it is here, by a slight refinement of the proof for Cg7L/n. _ Actually, there are at least two nonisomorphic versions of uq(812). For example, the historically first one has strange relations like g4n = 1 and is not factorisable.

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