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The fiftieth quantity in a monographic sequence on immunology. one of the themes coated listed below are avian T-cell ontogeny, adoptive move of human lymphoid cells to significantly immuno-deficient mice and histamine-releasing elements and cytokine-dependent activation of basophils and mast cells.

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WHATIs THE DISTRIBUTION Vbse are currently defined only by their ability to stimulate primary mixed lymphocyte reactions or responses of cloned T cell lines. This has led to the observation that the 13 cell is the major cell type expressing Vbse. However, as noted above, one can observe the impact of Vbse on developing T cells when CD8 T cells are used to induce clonal deletion, and on mature T cells when I-E is placed exclusively on pancreatic j3 cells. This suggests that Vbse may be more widespread than is observed using the indirect assay of immune stimulation.

M. Davis and co-workers (personal communication). They transplanted whole CDR loops from a responsive to a nonresponsive PTCR chain. The resultant cells were tested for reactivity to SEB. This analysis implicated the hypervariable loops in the response. Unfortunately, given the unknown effects of such manipulations on the conformation of the region that appears to interact with SEB, the likely importance of TCR:MHC contacts in responses to SEB, and the variability of the data, it is premature to suggest that the hypervariable loops directly contact Vbse.

This leaves the mysterious open reading frame (orf) in the Mtv long terminal repeat (LTR) as the main candidate for encoding Vbse. This gene does encode a protein that is expressed in some cells, such as phorbol myristate acetate (PMA)-induced EL-4 cells, which express very high levels of mRNA encoded by this gene (Kwon and Weissman, 1984; Racevskis, 1986; Racevskis and Prakash, 1984). Similar studies have been carried out with mouse mammary tumor virus genes (P. Marrack and J. Kappler, personal communication).

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