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By P. M. Banks and G. Kockarts (Auth.)

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R. H. Bieri, M. Koide, E. A. Martell, and T. G. Scholz, / . Geophys. Res. 75, 6731 (1970). 24. D. Q. Wark and D. T. Hilleary, Science 165, 1256 (1969). 25. B. J. Conrath, R. A. Hanel, V. G. Kunde, and C. Prabhakara, / . Geophys. Res. 75, 5831 (1970). 26. C. D. Keeling, Tellus 12, 200 (1960). 27. B. Bolin and C. D. Keeling, / . Geophys. Res. 68, 3899 (1963). 28. L. Goldberg, in The Solar System, Vol. II, The Earth as a Planet (G. P. ), pp. 434-490. Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1954.

That is, C 0 2 is effectively mixed during its lifetime in the atmosphere until its transfer to the oceans. A band of 13 C0 2 detectable in the infrared spectrum [28] at 2 μπι corresponds to a ratio 12C/13C of the order of 89. This ratio varies according to discrimination factors resulting from biological phenomena, and it would be very useful to determine the variations with height caused by the effect of chemical reactions. Atmospheric methane is uniformly distributed [29-33] in the troposphere even though its production is due to biological phenomena.

2 must be progressively changed from the altitude of the mesopause up to 100 km in order to introduce the effect of the increase of the atomic oxygen concentration compared with the other constituents. It is known from observations of meteor trails and vapor releases that the lower thermosphère is in some kind of turbulent state which acts to prevent diffusive separation of the various atmospheric gases. As discussed in Chapter 15, partial pressure gradients of minor constituents tend to establish diffusive flows within the atmosphere.

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