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By William David Hart (auth.)

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Avey no longer recognized herself. 16 A kind of affluence-induced Alzheimer’s had alienated Avey from herself. If Avey’s affluence produced misrecognition, it also led her to acknowledge nightmare images she had long repressed: a white police officer beating a helpless black man into bloody submission on a rainy night. On second thought, the only thing raining that night on Halsey Street, many years ago, was the officer’s billy club, as he pummeled the man. This nightmare kept company with day terrors, bizarre visions that seemed to threaten her sanity.

The proponents of the Soul Narrative seek refuge in the volksgeist of black people, which soars majestically above or creeps stealthily beneath the veil of a white-supremacist social order. They seek refuge—that is, in a Platonic form, an ideal in the mind of god, an essence that is beyond the reach of white supremacy. In contrast, the proponents of the Church Narrative acknowledge if not embrace notions of social change in light of which the soul of black folk may be little more than an index of their historical experiences.

Ten years after the publication of The Development of Negro Religion, E. Franklin Frazier’s The Negro Church in America (1964) was (posthumously) published. And ten years after the publication of this text, C. Eric Lincoln published The Black Church since Frazier (1974). One of the merits of Frazier’s book is the thorough summary he provides of his major claims. ” Though this is a highly condensed account of Frazier’s view, I think it captures what is essential. As a sociologist, Frazier is especially sensitive to issues of social structure, change, and stratification.

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Afro-Eccentricity: Beyond the Standard Narrative of Black Religion by William David Hart (auth.)

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