Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XIII - download pdf or read online

By S. Trivikrama Rao, Christian Hogrefe, Gopal Sistla, Shiang-Yuh Wu, Winston Hao (auth.), Sven-Erik Gryning, Ekaterina Batchvarova (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461368634

ISBN-13: 9781461368632

ISBN-10: 1461541530

ISBN-13: 9781461541530

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The forecast error can be estimated by comparing the forecasted field with the analysed initial field ofthe numerical weather prediction (figure 1). 8. 8. Date in 1997 Error >= 5/8 19. 9 Error >= 2/8 Figure 1. Graph ofthe cloud cover forecast error ofthe EUROPA-model: Percentage of grid points over Germany predicted erroneously after 24 hours over Germany. The error is deterrnined by comparing the predicted cloud cover data with the corresponding EUROPA Modell analysis. Variability difTerence. It is far more difficult to judge the differences due to the different origin of the two data types.

These reports are available on CD-ROM, thus enabling anyone interested to view the reports on-screen and to make use of the data according to individual needs. On the CDROM all reports will be in PDF format with accessing software. de/ozon-e. Additionally it is possible to download the final report in German as well as the summary in German and English from the internet. STEYN: Are the politicians and public aware that even after the great effort needed to achieve the emissions reductions (TREND 2005), there will still be occasional exceedances of the warning level (90 ppb)?

ME ? l c: 120 120 80 80 40 40 Kejimkujik. NS 0 N 0 8/1/88 8/2/88 8/3/88 8/4/88 8/5/88 8/6/88 8/1/88 8/1/88 8/2/88 8/3/88 8/4/8~ 8/5/88 8/6/88 8/1/88 (GMT) Figure 3. Time series of observed (thin lines) and modelIed (thick lines) surface ozone concentration at a) Madison, CT; b) Newburyport, MA; c) Winterport, ME; and d) Kejimkujik, NS. c1early seen in the time series at these two sites. A comparison of some of the statistics calculated from the modelIed and the observed 6-day time series, for the 10 sites shown in Figure 2, is given in Table 1.

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Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XIII by S. Trivikrama Rao, Christian Hogrefe, Gopal Sistla, Shiang-Yuh Wu, Winston Hao (auth.), Sven-Erik Gryning, Ekaterina Batchvarova (eds.)

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