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As you stroll round long island urban, you're touring within the footsteps of wonderful humans together with George Washington, Mark Twain, Sojourner fact, Irving Berlin, John D. Rockefeller, and Susan B. Anthony. of their other ways, they made significant contributions to manhattan, making town what it truly is today.A urban journey in contrast to the other, outstanding humans of recent York takes you on a desirable trip throughout the heritage of 1 of the world's so much visited towns. you'll meet those that contributed to the tune, the company, the struggle for civil rights, the shipping and different very important features of the city's existence. Come nose to nose with iconic figures linked to what John Fitzgerald known as "The new york" via BioViews®. A BioView® is a brief biographical tale, just like an interview. those detailed tales offer an ideal way of studying approximately outstanding those who made significant contributions and altered our global.

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Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 53 Amazing People of New York William Cullen Bryant 1878 As a journalist for the New York Evening Post, I searched for stories It was not necessary to look very far The city was teeming with immigrants searching for a new start Some of them honest, some wanting to bend or even break the rules Most people lived hard lives, in squalid conditions New apartments and houses lagged behind the demand Food and facilities were often scarce Too many people crowded together brought arguments and violence at times Reporting the opinion as well as the facts was part of my job A long way from my early career as a poet and lawyer That did not pay the bills, but I did not give up my idealism Through the newspaper, I campaigned for the abolition of slavery Working with President Lincoln on the Emancipation Proclamation In the process, I became part owner of the paper and Editor-in-Chief A role that I proudly held for 50 years, from 1828 to 1878 A time that saw the gradual replacement of horse and cart by railways Steam engines brought major changes to factories and farms alike Mud tracks became lanes and then streets and then highways Free enterprise led to the creation of businesses People needed unions to protect them from exploitation That was one of the campaigns I supported Other campaigns related to improving the facilities in New York Communication was revolutionized by Samuel Morse His dots and dashes helped us get news from all over the country Yet, despite all the advances, the health of the people was poor There was a need to improve hygiene and care for those who were ill Therefore, I brought together men of the city who were concerned As a result, the New York Medical College was established in 1860 The first step on a long road to improving community and personal health Instead of traditional methods, like bleeding a patient, we proposed new ones Homeopathy to encourage the people to look after their own health A good diet, regular fitness exercises and rest were advocated A focus on prevention, rather than obsession with cures, was encouraged On 20th Street and Third Avenue we invited people to join us © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 54 Amazing People of New York It was originally called the New York Homeopathic Medical College We had 59 students and a faculty of eight, who helped train their successors The start of a revolution in health management It was certainly necessary as diseases spread quickly in overcrowded places As the first President of the College, I encouraged research and innovation Of course, it was expensive and a major task was to find financial supporters It was part of my role in helping to develop New York Contributing to the planning of Central Park I also supported the Hudson River School and Metropolitan Museum of Art After many years in New York, it was a pleasure to witness its development.

The police stood firm under fire and order was restored Senior businessmen formed the Union League Club They raised money to help those injured and dispossessed Also, they founded a regiment of African Americana Over 1000 men volunteered to join and fight for the Union A grand parade was organized for the regiment One hundred thousand people came to see them march through the city New Yorkers of varying color were now fighting for the Union White and black fighting for the Union From 1861 to 1865, we prayed for their safe return Prayers, however, could not save President Lincoln In 1865, he was shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth Lincoln fought for the Union and the abolition of slavery They were both legacies of his leadership How could we claim to be united with two governments?

Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 31 Amazing People of New York Alexander Hamilton 1801 Winning the battle for independence was only the beginning Working with George Washington, I led many of our triumphant troops Once the battles were won, we needed to win the peace Therefore, I went to another field of battle Politics is the art of influence and persuasion As the Secretary of the Treasury there were many who tried to seduce me Tough decisions had to be made as resources were scarce But my heart lay elsewhere, in the practice of law A profession that stood between anarchy and destruction Trying to protect the rights of people and property Therefore, I gained entry to the New York Bar in 1783 My attention shifted to building new institutions The coast guard needed strengthening The Revenue Cutter Service was established to collect taxes and duties In 1784, I started the Bank of New York Also work on the National Mint, the first national bank, was commenced An essential organization to finance trade and create employment As well, I served the New York County and State Legislatures Leading me to be at the heart of the founding of our country We needed freedom to disagree The right of free speech was central to our cause Therefore, I championed and funded a newspaper It became known as the New York Evening Post in 1801 The city was growing at a rapid pace There was a need to capture events and inform It was also a way of influencing political debate To that end, I supported the right wing A voice for justice, education and choice Yet, my own voice was questioned A duel with Vice President Burr led to a mortal gunshot wound Emotion had overcome reason Yet, it was reason that I trusted would prevail New York and our country would need it in abundance.

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