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By Christopher D. M. Fletcher, Philip H. McKee

ISBN-10: 0713145579

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1 Mammillary fistula. This section through areolar skin and adjacent breast tissue shows an in­ flamed fistulous tract, communicat­ ing with a small abscess cavity (left). Such a fistula most often occurs as a complication of re­ current pyogenic mastitis and may be associated with duct obstruction or duct ectasia. Lactation is a common predis­ posing factor . 2 Fibrocystic disease. This breast tissue has been sectioned to show diffuse fibrosis and multiple cysts of variable size . Thi s condition is extremely common, is often bilateral and usually affects females in the 4th and 5th decades.

Thi s rare syndrome is due to throm bosis of II,,· I'l'Inc ipal hepat ic ve ins or inferior ve na cava, and may be due to ' " " lill liliobilis, obstruction by tumour either primary (as in thi s case ), . ,' II , l/ Iti llry or adjacent , or associated with polycythaemia rubra ve ra . 10 Causes of hepatic fatty change , 38 ..... 11 Hepatic fatty change. On the left, the liver parenchyma is diHusely yellowish and, on the right, a portion of a similar liver has been stained with Scharlach R which stains the fat orange-red .

30 Small intestinal ischaemia. l IW 11111 1IIIIrkedly congested This is the apreArli1 II " ",I Uti li' IIIIW," wall, but lesser degrees of ischacllliu III, IY I' " ,ri ll I J' ,dl llice ration . oIly ,,,Irrhac in origin, occluding il hmlJl:hlll II,,, '''II'' I III ,OII"IV Olher ca uses include Severn hy""I"I II,JI II' II, II I 1i1" "I' III 1;,touS vessel, retrograci e IIlfarc' tllll J

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