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4), we obtain an effective temperature of about 58000 K for the sun. 4 DETERMINATIONS OF THE SOLAR CONSTANT There are two techniques of measuring the solar constant from the groundbased radiometer, called the long and short methods of the Smithsonian Institution. The long method is more fundamental and establishes the basis for the short method. Observations of solar energy for the purpose of determining the solar constant require three primary instruments. These are the pyrheliometer, the pyranometer, and the spectrobolometer.

S. (1959). Quantitative Molecular Spectroscopy and Gas Emissioities. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts. Chapters 1-3 provide fundamental discussions on blackbody radiation and absorption line profiles. 6 billion years ago, is an ordinary body in the cosmic hierarchy. Among billions of stars in the universe, the sun is about average in mass but below average in size. The sun has one unique feature in that it is 300,000 times closer to the earth than the next nearest star. 5 x 108 km between the earth and the sun, virtually all of the energy that the earth receives and that drives the earth's atmosphere in motion comes from the sun.

5 solar radii or 3 million kilometers (courtesy of G. , High Altitude Observatory, Boulder, Colorado). 32 2 Solar Radiation at the Top of the Atmosphere lines, among which, the most intense is the green line of ionized iron. The generation of this emission line requires an enormous amount of energy, and it is believed that the temperature in large regions of corona is close to 106 0K. 2 Solar Surface Activity: Sunspots Several observable features of the sun are particularly interesting and important because of their transient occurrence.

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