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By Herbert Amann, Joachim Escher

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The second one quantity of this creation into research offers with the mixing idea of features of 1 variable, the multidimensional differential calculus and the speculation of curves and line integrals. the trendy and transparent improvement that all started in quantity I is sustained. during this manner a sustainable foundation is created which permits the reader to house attention-grabbing functions that usually transcend fabric represented in conventional textbooks. this is applicable, for example, to the exploration of Nemytskii operators which permit a clear advent into the calculus of diversifications and the derivation of the Euler-Lagrange equations.

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K Finally, (iv) and (v) follow from Fx+1 (z) − Fx (z) = zexz and F1−x (z) = Fx (−z) by comparing coefficients. 7 Corollary The first four Bernoulli polynomials read B0 (X) = 1 , B1 (X) = X − 1/2 , B2 (X) = X − X + 1/6 , B3 (X) = X 3 − 3X 2 /2 + X/2 . 2). But first, let us prove a helpful result. 8 Lemma Suppose m ∈ N× and f ∈ C 2m+1 [0, 1]. Then we have 1 f (x) dx = 0 1 f (0) + f (1) − 2 − m k=1 B2k (2k−1) f (x) (2k)! 1 (2m + 1)! 1 0 1 B2m+1 (x)f (2m+1) (x) dx . 0 Proof We apply the functional equation Bn+1 (X) = (n + 1)Bn(X) and continue to integrate by parts.

4) The definition of the integral of staircase functions gives at once that c b fn = a c fn + fn . 1, we pass the limit n → ∞ and find c b f= c f+ a a f . b Then we have b c f= a c f− a c f= b b f+ a f . c Positivity and monotony of integrals Until now, we have considered the integral of jump continuous functions taking values in arbitrary Banach spaces. For the following theorem and its corollary, we will restrict to the real-valued case, where the ordering of the reals implies some additional properties of the integral.

2–4. existence of an η > 0 such that h(z) = 0 for z ∈ B(0, η) follows, of course, from h(0) = 1 and the continuity of h. 3. 6 Sums and integrals 51 (ii) For z ∈ C\2πiZ, we have z z z ez + 1 z z + = = coth . 3) Therefore, our theorem follows because h(0) = 1. 4 Furthermore, the function f is analytic in a neighborhood of 0, as the next theorem shows. 2 Proposition There is a ρ ∈ (0, 2π) such that f ∈ C ω (ρB, C). 9 secures the existence of a power bk X k with positive radius of convergence ρ0 and the property 1 Xk (k + 1)!

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