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For the second one variation, the textual content and illustrations were reorganized and lots of of the diagrams were redrawn or changed. New sections at the cardiovascular, respiration, digestive and urogenital platforms, and at the eye and the ear were extra, in addition to new textual content on sensible actions, palpation and utilized anatomy. moreover, the part masking the top, neck and trunk has been thoroughly reorganized. however, the preliminary objective of the textual content has been retained in order that it is still a textbook basically involved in the musculoskeletal method and its program to human move

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In addition to these it also contains hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands, and smooth muscle (arrectores pilorum). The deep surface of the dermis is invaginated by projections of subcutaneous connective tissue, which serve partly for the entrance of the nerves and blood vessels into the skin (see Fig. 2b). Subcutaneous connective tissue This is a layer of loosely arranged connective tissue containing fat and some elastic fibres. The amount of subcutaneous fat varies in different parts of the body, being completely absent in only a few regions (eyelid, scrotum, penis, nipple and areola).

The terminal part of the hindgut is an endoderm-lined cavity (the cloaca) in direct contact with the surface ectoderm at the cloacal membrane. The urorectal septum divides the cloaca into anterior (urogenital) and posterior (anorectal) parts, with the cloacal membrane dividing into the urogenital membrane anteriorly and the anal membrane posteriorly (Fig. 8c). The anal membrane becomes surrounded by mesenchymal swellings so that at eight weeks it is at the bottom of the proctodeum (anal pit). During the ninth week the anal membrane ruptures allowing a communication between the rectum and the outside (Fig.

33 34 ANATOMY AND HUMAN MOVEMENT Heart malformations are relatively common, the majority being formed by multiple factors, both genetic and environmental. While some congenital cardiac malformations cause very little disability, others are incompatible with extrauterine life: many, however, can be surgically corrected. Abnormalities may involve the interventricular system, the truncus arteriosus and bulbus cordis, and formation of the valves. The heart may be normal but its position may be on the right rather than the left, and may be associated with a complete or partial transposition of the abdominal viscera.

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