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For example, an aeroplane weighing 17 short tons (34,000 lb) touching down at 165k represents about 41,000,000 ft-lb of kinetic energy: enough to kick a 5-ton elephant 4,000ft straight up into the air. If the aircraft could be landed at 110k, then the reduced energy would be only 18,000,000 ft-lb: the saving being equal to the heat potential to melt 100 lb of steel. If, on the other hand, it is possible to increase the wing area at some stage in the design, then the wing loading may be maintained or even reduced.

The act of stretching an aircraft inevitably increases the weight. There is often increased risk of a tail-strike on take-off and landing. Undercarriage units must often be strengthened if they and their supporting structures have insufficient reserve strength. There may also be a need to increase the number of wheels, as in the case of the A340, which has them mounted on a centre-gear, beneath the centre-section. If stretching has markedly increased the gross weight, then re-engining may also be necessary.

5 ρ V 2 . As soon as the air is in motion in a particular direction the motion is no longer random but directed. Fig. 2 (a) and (b) The physical view of the effect upon the static pressure within an elastic tube, caused by particles of air colliding with the walls, when moving about at random with root mean square velocity, a (their local speed of sound, which they are unable to exceed unforced). When set in directed motion at velocity V, their components of motion at right angles to the tube wall are reduced, and also the static pressure caused by their impacts.

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